New Sim, Mara Goth.

hey, it’s sunday!!

I cleared my origin cache which kind of deleted origin (I'm not really sure what happened haha) but it came back again the game is working now thank you! <3

Ok, that’s good to hear! Hope I helped in any way. Happy Simming. <3

I barely had anything in my cache. I can't really download all my cc again because I deleted all of it and it will take ages to get it all again plus I'm afraid it was the cc causing it. Ts4 in my games on origin is still greyed out and the play button isn't highlighted. Would uninstalling the game and reinstalling help? I don't really want to buy a new game cause it costs so much and I won't get my money back for this one

Well, you shouldn’t of deleted your cc…

Are the files in your recycle bin??

But yeah, maybe re-install the game.

Alright well I deleted all my cc and the game is still not working. Any other ideas what to do?

Re-install your CC sweetie, and clear your caches. Here’s how you do it!

I can't right click any cc or even the mods folder or it just comes up "not responding" should I uninstall and reinstall the game?

Restart your computer first before doing anything like that. Then go through your mods folder and CC and sort the files by “Date modified” and remove any files that have been added recently. Then see if the game works. If so, and you want all that CC back, slowly add back in some CC. Repeat till game continues working or stuffs up again.

Origin won’t let me play sims 4


Okay so when I go on origin and go to my games the sims 4 is all faded out and it won’t let me click play. I tried check for updates but nothing happened and I don’t know how to make it work again please help :’(

Sounds like bad cc.

does anyone know wcif a download link to Louma37’s conversion of Betsy4Art’s TV dinner table??


selfie sunday  is still a thing on here right?

these were from wednesday night i think???

omg you look like a younger, blonde lindsay from achievement hunter!

Baby Doll W.I.P. ;A;

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