selfie sunday  is still a thing on here right?

these were from wednesday night i think???

omg you look like a younger, blonde lindsay from achievement hunter!

Baby Doll W.I.P. ;A;


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  • Take a screenshot of your desktop
  • Don’t change anything
  • Don’t delete anything
  • Tag 5 people

Welp, it could have been worse.

I’m gonna tag Anyone. So, if you see this and feel like doing it, Anyone,  just imagine I tagged you. (◑‿◐)

omg how’d you get your sidebar like that?? the white part??

I think she’s the prettiest Sim I’ve made in TS4 so far omg

Hey, I'm kinda new here, and I don't know anyone. So i was wondering if you have any like simblr friends so i can follow them, or Your favorite simblrs etc. P.S i looove your simblr <3 have a great day.


Aww, thank you <3 

And here’s the simblrs I love : 

| rayscho (I’m addicted to her) | woohooligan (I’m addicted to her too) | hime-sim (sadly she left simblr :()  | kaleekalo | tatortotsims | zowaaaay | reallylamesimspleyita | swirlgoodies | koolhira | antraya-cubed | frenkiemonster | simplicaz | sunnyanubis | wundersims silmarillionel | peacemaker-ic |   brntwaffles | onebloopin | berrysweetshoppe | simsettee | juniellie | doitforthesims | plumbobdollhouse | missfortunesims | moonseoul | sim-plystefichop | simguruturtledove | woohootycall | howlsmovingsimblr | ohmysim | itsoceansecret | sweetyss | periluxe | plumbob-wonderland | bemykingofthesims | littlepuppets | oblivionsim | pixelena | babysims | gigasims | simterview | simriously | alice-sweetsorrow | treesimz | liahxsimblr | lesbisim ~ 

I’m sorry xD This list is heella long, And i’ve probably forgot some.

But here you go~ <3 

Aw, thanks for mentioning me!! <3

Again, while I am enjoying TS4, and while I did lose a lot of CC for TS3, I’m re-installing TS3.

While I am enjoying TS4, it honestly just seems like an updated version of TS2. Anyone feel the same??


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omg have you been making your own texture pack by mixing parts from other ones?? because I recognise some textures!!

Yeah, I throw whatever textures I like from separate packs into one pack for my personal use. I use mostly FeatherCloud as my base but add textures from other packs to that one.

well, it’s looking amazing!!

Non-sims: A little Minecraft house I worked on today.

omg have you been making your own texture pack by mixing parts from other ones?? because I recognise some textures!! man, I wish I could have this! D:




So like to get custom content you just download it into the ‘mods’ file and then you have it in the game???

yep~ that should do it.

Will the custom content work in the full game? cause I’ve seen a lot of people saying it only works for the CAS demo

//sorry I haven’t had sims since the sims 2 and I have no idea how to use the cc//

Most CC made for the demo doesn’t work in the full game, unfortunately. It make the sim all distorted so you’ll know if it’s not working but yeah~

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